About Taiga

Dear Reader,

Taiga is a print-based journal of poetry, music, and collaboration. Issues have a print-run of 100 thoughtfully-though-simply produced copies. The cost of an issue includes its shipping and helps pay for the production of the next issue.

It started in 2007 with the first in a five-issue series: Issue T.

Issue T, unless you are one of three contributors who did not answer the door when we rang the bell, is Sold Out. If you are one of those contributors, please back-channel: your copy has traveled halfway across the world and to several homes/apartments/storage bins, and we'd like to finally see it to your loving arms.

Issue A has just been published, completely different from how it was intended to be published, several years behind schedule.

[You know that scene at the end of The Philadelphia Story, where Cary Grant is telling Katharine Hepburn what to tell the waiting wedding audience?

Two years ago, you were invited to a wedding in this house and then I did you out of it by eloping to Maryland...which was very bad manners... But I hope to make it up to you by going beautifully through with it now as originally and most beautifully planned.

... That's kind of what's happening here, dig.]

Issue I, G, and A2 are going to be taken one page at a time.

Most of the work for TAIGA is solicited. The poets and musicians who appear in the journal are some of the poets we adore, envy, and want to help promote however we can. These are the people we sincerely believe you really need to be reading/hearing. We are way, totally honored that they'd trust us with their work.

We are doing it this way because, as in our situation, a lot changes in a few years. We make no claims or assumptions, and we'd like to not make any enemies. :)

At this time, we keep the individual chapbooks project (the Tundra Chapbook Series) on hiatus. The few authors who were accepted for that series have gone on to publish lovely chapbooks with brilliant presses. We hope you've sought out those publications in the long, long meanwhile.

Thanks for all your support and our love to those who've given a little extra,

Taiga's Makers